Interview with Ogden Mayoral Candidate, Angel Castillo

Preserve what we have. Plan for what we need.


Hi. I’m Angel Castillo. I serve Ogden as a planning commissioner. I am a board member for our community non-profits YCC and Roads To Independence, and I’m running for mayor.

Ogden is a true urban gem.  Our city is nestled at the foot of the Wasatch mountains with traditional brick buildings, historic homes, extra wide streets, and a gritty evolution backstory. With natural beauty, community, and livability, Ogden stands in stark contrast to a sprawling city like Los Angeles. That’s why in 2014 when I came to race in the USA Cycling Masters Nationals, I immediately fell in love with Ogden.

Yet there are growth issues on the horizon for us. If these problems are not addressed and planned for, they will profoundly impact our quality of life. These issues are the main reason I joined the Ogden Planning Commission within thirty days of becoming an Ogden resident. My concern for our amazing city is that we retain what makes us special. I want Ogden to look and feel like Ogden as we grow and not model it to mimic another city like Denver, CO.

Preserving our open spaces and holding on to our historic feel while we grow is a priority for me. I’m running for mayor to address housing affordability, public safety, and education.


So what’s the problem with growth?

Since 1991, Utah’s housing prices have increased at a faster rate than housing in Seattle.



Utah law enforcement enrollment is down overall, and competition for qualified officers is fierce.



Ogden’s schools have a reputation for absenteeism and low student performance – but not because of what’s happening in the schools; our teachers are doing a great job. It’s because we have a large segment of at-risk kids with issues outside of school affecting their ability to succeed.


Why Vote For Angel Castillo?

I am committed to preserving the Ogden I fell in love with years ago, and preparing for our city’s future.